A Couple of Things…

Well, it has been raining, pouring, and no doubt there is an old man snoring somewhere!

Since my last rainfall update, we have had in excess of 150ml!! The gauge ran over in the last day or so… emptied this morning…

I forgot to say in my last post that in the clear-out I upset a family of cockroaches! You should have seen them scatter when I moved some empty pots and separated them from cracked and old and ok to use again… the old and cracked will be recycled. The ok to use again will be used once my uni assignment is done…. ie soon I hope!


Happy Gardening all!


Sharon 🙂


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The clear out has commenced!

Now, don’t be alarmed… I do love trees!

However, the yard has them scattered everywhere and a clear-out is needed to get some order.

Thanks to my lovely brother Simon, we got the show on the road yesterday! Simon took to the chain-saw and two trees are now gone. The cherry tree is just a bush that I’m not a fan of and the other tree is a lemon-scented native that I have elsewhere in the yard.

My aim is that the yard will be opened up and more grass is planted. I want the yard to be an easy-maintenance yard until I retire when I will have time to spend all day in the garden and have lots of flowers and veges everywhere.

Here’s a few phots of Simon’s work and what is left for Mum & Dad to take away!!

Here’s hoping that the return to the garden is now here…


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The neglected garden…

Hello fellow gardeners,

Well, sadly there is little garden news to report as I have hardly visited the garden at all. I have been unwell and busy. Here’s hoping the recent Autumn weather entices me out there soon. The Easter weekend is looking good.

I have managed to plant a few onions, beetroot, rocket, some herbs, lettuce, etc.

The big news is my capsicum – this one is growing!! It hasn’t been snaffled by a visiting animal or bug!!! It will be green. It is very exciting! I will post a photo soon.

The garden and lawn are overgrown.

The rain guage is full. I’m not sure when this happened. It is now amongst new growth on the trees that I cut down in the summer.

That’s it for now… happy gardening all… see you soon

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Rainfall & Garden Happenings

Hello All & Welcome to 2011!

I was absent from my garden for 5 weeks and am now back for the last 3 weeks. The poor garden suffered in the heat while I was away – leaves were burnt – plants appeared dead. The seeds that I sowed didn’t appear to be doing anything but just this week they are peeping their heads up!!
Since the last rainfall reading we have had 135mm as at 1.30pm today!! Nearly the whole gauge was full!!
Last weekend I planted some lettuce and sweet basil seedlings in pots – I’m hoping the pests and possums will stay away from them as they are on the verandah. However, the capsicum in the pot on the verandah is having leaves and fruit eaten off it. We shall see.
I arrived home to find my lemon tree birthday present almost eaten in total and being strangled by a vine/weed. I have taken the vine/weed off it and will transplant the tree into a pot closer to the house where I can keep a closer eye on it. It is a Lemonade lemon tree.
The garden angels were at work while I was away! My beautiful family took the piles of garden garbage to the dump and pruned and weeded and mowed – the garden & yard looked brilliant! Sadly, it needs doing again and there is added work to do!
And, just lastly, on a non-gardening note, I also came home to a beautiful clean car – my lovely parents had had it detailed for me on the outside and cleaned on the inside! Again, it needs doing again!

Happy Gardening to all…

Bye for now,

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Damp conditions = good sowing conditions

Home this evening from family Christmas to find more damp conditions… we have had 4mm of rain… not much but enough to keep the garden growing.

This evening I have sown some seeds… firstly, a trio of mint which includes peppermint, spearmint and penny royal. I would dearly love some common mint if anyone has a root or two that they would like to donate, I’d be very much appreciative. I’ve also put in some silverbeet seeds as I love fresh spinach so much!!

Happy Gardening and Happy Holidays.

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Happy Christmas to my Garden!

As I awoke from my slumber in the middle of the night, I could hear rain falling… and it has continued pitter-pattering today. What a lovely present for my garden!

As at 11.50am we have had 5mm – not a big amount but enough to cool it down and give the garden a rest.

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The elves visited…

Today my garden had a visit from a couple of elves while I was at work and they took away some of the garden waste for me… thanks so much Mum & Dad xxx
There are no photos of this event but more will follow over the holidays…

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Chain-saw in action…

Today was a crazy day… Simon & I are pretty stiff and sore and sunburnt… see what you missed out on Mum & Dad!?!?!?!

Here are the photos… no befores… just the results of our actions and the big piles of stuff to be taken to the dump… oh, and don’t worry about the trees being chopped down… there’s plenty more!

Near study and carport 1

Near study and carport 2

Front side fence near pre-school 1

Front side fence near pre-school 2

Front showing area near study and carport

The tiny pile to be taken to the dump

The large pile to be taken to the dump 1

These photos don’t do the pile justice – it is high, wide, and deep!

The large pile to be taken to the dump 2

See the gap?? The trees are coming down 1

The tree is no longer on the house 1

The tree is no longer on the house 2

Sorry for so many photos but I just had to share the hard work Simon & I did today. The photos do not do the pain and suffering justice but they give you an idea. Thank you so much Simon – your work was wonderful today. Hopefully we will have a short break now and recover. Though, I do recall you saying you would be happy to come back next weekend and do some work while I am away. I wonder if that comment was due to sunstroke?!?!?!

Simon even jumped the fence of the pre-school to bring the tree and vines that had fallen in next-door to the street so we could get rid of them. There were a few concerned locals I think!

And, he was up on the ladder doing the gutters out the front… the back gutters will be done with Dad’s help.

Today has shown me that with hard work and perseverence you do make progress. A very positive day! Thanks again Simon.

Bye for now,

Sharon xx

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Amazing pruning, beauty in the jungle, and a lost post…

Well, here is attempt two… the first attempt at this post has disappeared…
I achieved some amazing pruning in about 50mins… when I arrived home from a lovely time with family I couldn’t let a weekend go by without some pruning or work in the garden… here are the results…

Before near drive-way and compost bin

After near drive-way and compost bin

But, just as lovely was the finding of beauty in the garden… here are a few pieces of beauty that I found… sadly I couldn’t catch the kookaburra… he’d flown off before I made it outside…

Nettle flower... also a weed... a very tall weed... reminds me of a certain kids show from the 70s!

Gorgeous rose from the jungle... aka my backyard!

That’s it for today… December rainfall figures to come though we haven’t had anywhere near the figures of elsewhere…




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No cats and dogs – just bucketfuls of rain!

At 8am this morning – 15mm of rain.
At 8pm this evening – 65mm of rain.

That’s 80mm of rain in just over 24hrs!!!!!

I thought today was the first day of summer?!?!?!

This weekend will see not much action in the garden as there are some family things to do in Cessnock. Family time is too important to stand in the way of the garden. I’m really looking forward to this time with my family.

The following weekend will see a big garden attack – family members attending the attack – we plant (oops, that was meant to read ‘plan’… funny fauxpas!) to do lots of ‘pruning’ and cutting down… though the good stuff will be kept… for sure!

Bye for now,

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